Thursday, August 28, 2008

Step 1: Removing the ICE -- Part 1

Well, as I've said time and again to anyone I talk about, "The hardest part is removing the engine," and while I'm not speaking from experience, it seems that may definitely be true of the Probe.
In my wanderings trying to see how this might be done, I've found a few others who share/shared my conundrum, like Jerry's post on "Engine Removal"

I have to say if you're thinking about joining me, you NEED to read this blog: -- it practically gives step-by-step instructions on how to tear the car apart. This post in particular.

dpringle ( ) told me that "Ford apparently assembles their engines on the crossmembers, then hoists them up into the frame from the bottom..." -- oh, so instead of pulling the engine up and out, I'll have to drop it through the bottom... after removing brakes, struts, etc.

I bought a Haynes repair manual yesterday and my Dad and I managed to push the car all the way around to back it into the garage after cleaning the garage up quite a bit. Through the night it's been sitting there with a piece of cardboard I slid under it, since it seems what little oil it has left may be leaking.

In my spare time I'm also shopping for parts, researching battery information, etc. The trouble is that most of everything I've read is foreign to me but I am learning a lot (relative to what I knew before ;) as I go and ask questions and get answers.

Seems the first order of business will be to get some proper jacks or something to raise the car whilst we work.


Dave said...


You can take the engine out from the top, but because they install it from the bottom it is VERY difficult to get to some of the bolts... You have to take off parts to get to parts to get to parts..... Good luck, and get some mechanic's gloves, those tight spaces are easy to smack your knuckles in....


Aikeru said...

Thanks, Dave! That will save me A LOT. I'll be giving that a try on Friday.