Sunday, August 31, 2008

Step 1: Removing the ICE -- Part 1.3

Well, sparks flew tonight, but not so much with the romantic bliss of progress.
While we were able to drain the fuel tank and deposit its contents into the other two ICE cars my Dad and I own, the rest of the day was spent in futile attempts to remove the exhaust.

I guess this is the "cheap-y" way -- I bought a dremmel, under advice that it would be sufficient -- and 4 discs later we were scratching our heads. We tried again with the bent "cheat" bar, to no avail.

After beating it with a hammer, I suggested my Dad use a lock cutter I owned, and still the bolts remain firmly in place.

Tommorow we'll head down to AutoZone to loan the breaker bar again. If that doesn't work, it's likely the car will see a SawzAll. :)

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