Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Filling up

This entertaining activity is something the whole family can enjoy! :)
Gas is $2.09/gal outside of my neighborhood and I saw as high as $2.15 on my way to work.
For people like me who are still stuck driving gasoline cars (for now), here's a great site MSN has for finding the best deal:

It also tells you the highest and lowest prices reported for the country (which is usually Alaska oh Hawaii but today it's California). Where I live is usually right about the average.

There was a time with $2.00 was outrageous -- now it's "not a bad deal".


James said...

Hi Michael, I am in the uk and your are about 3 days ahead of me. I removed my ICE on Monday.

James said...

I have aslo got a 96 Probe and I have an ADC FB1 4001 motor. I should get my Zapi H3 800A controller and Zivan charger within the next 2 weeks. I have the same task to get a plate etc. made to mount the motor. I have the Haynes' manual for this (it comes as a mazda 626, mx6 and Ford probe manual) and I will check to see if the flywheel is needed at all. If not then I will get a taper lock coupling and 6 holes hub and moun the clutch plate directly onto it. Do you know where I can get a dimension drawing of the Mazda G5M transmission?