Saturday, May 2, 2009

Slightly more empty engine bay :)

My neighbor Cody came over and we hacked away at the engine a bit today. His Dad owns a saw and I talked with some other people that own or know people that own one and somebody is bound to make good on lending me one. :)

He cut some hoses rather hastily and we could smell coolant. I've been told that A/C really isn't worth it/isn't possible by some fellow EV'rs. I could live without it but it's a real shame if that's the case. Cody is also letting me borrow his socket set so I was able to tear into it some more. :)
He should be back tonight and we'll see how much farther we can go!

I've been recommended to get "Freeze Off" and some "Gator Grip Pliers" to deal with the stripped nut(s)... and a heavy hammer.

Shout out to the other EV'rs I've talked to - David, Steve, Mike and Cliff in case they read this. :)

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