Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Current Wishlist

While I'll be shopping around for suppliers, here's my current wishlist to be updated as I discover I need more stuff and as I find better prices.
  • Electric Motor -- looking at a used GE motor or Advanced DC 4001
  • Transmission coupler + adapter plate to the electric motor
  • DC-DC Converter (to get my 120V to 12V power for windows, radio, lights, etc.)
  • Vacuum Pump, Brake Vacuum Switch (like in Ep5 of evcapri)
  • Potentiometer for throttle
  • Voltmeter, Ammeter, any other "meters" I may need
  • Curtis PMC 1221C controller
  • Currently thinking 15 x 8V Flooded Lead Acid Batteries - thinking I may go with Interstate, I have plenty of time to decide
  • Probably 3x Chrome "Electric" Emblems
  • Some kind of heater to replace the heat originally from the engine
  • Some kind of charging system and on-board battery charger stuff
  • While I intend to try and balance the load a bit between front and back (hmmm, do I really, really need that back seat? Not if I am building this for myself... hmmm) probably need to upgrade the springs/struts for additional support
And of course there's the cost of the custom motor mount, battery boxes that need to be made, etc.
Being a computer programmer, I have plenty of spare parts in that regard :) so of course I have a spare 12V computer fan or two that I guess I could use to ventilate the rear battery box.
Finally there's all the other odd bits and pieces like fuses and battery connectors.

I'm sure I'll think of more.

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