Monday, May 11, 2009

Electric Cars On The Way

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I think it's always exciting to see yet another manufacturer starting on a BEV :) here's a list of the ones I've found so far:

Who doesn't love the Tesla Model S sedan? 300mi. range with a 45minute "quick-charge" at $49,9k
Tesla is also supplying Mercedes-Benz with batteries for their EV
Remember the "Miles EV"? 80+mph, 120+mi range XS500 set to be $30k-$35k
Subaru's sub-$20k R1e which can recharge in 15 minutes with a 124mi. range
Dodge's beautiful EV sports car 150-200mi., 0-60 <5sec. four hour charge at 220v
BMW's Electric Mini
Nissan's unnamed electric - it will be a 4 door, FWD hatchback. They have the interesting idea of leasing the batteries and having a reduced price for the car itself...
Indian-made REVA Electric Car (75mi., 50mph, 90% charge in 1 hour)
Electric Tango 0-60 in 4 seconds
Mercedes-Benz developing BEV, plans to eliminate fossil by 2015
GM's Chevy Volt - well, it's not 100% BEV seeing as they added a gasoline generator to recharge the batteries, but for people who need 1 car that can refuel at a gas station on a long trip, it may be ideal.
Fisker's Karma is much like the volt, but at $80km, 125mph and a 50mi. range before gas generator
Ford to bring pure Ford Focus BEV to market in 2011
Chinese BYD's E6 who Warren Buffet has invested in
Toyota FT-EV
Mitsubishi MiEV
Th!nk City electric car - a four-seater with 110 mile range and top speed of 65 mph, priced under $25,000, made from 95% recyclable materials
Google invested in Aptera Motors, their Type 1 will sell for $27k
Jeep EV and Chrysler Minivan EV
Lightning GT 0-60 in 4 seconds, beautiful and very, very expensive

Even though it's not at all practical, if you've seen the super-fast "Eliica" electric car, they shoudl be making them for sale at about $255k ea.:

Honda seems to have a negative view of BEV or PHEV...
But Honda will be making a battery electric motorcycle

Check out "Better Place" with their quick-recharge and battery swap-out stations:
They're already doing things in Australia, Hawaii, Israel and elsewhere!

Did you enjoy "Who Killed the Electric Car"? Well, there's a new movie coming out: "Revenge of the Electric Car"

I don't really care for the NEV thing myself, but China's got a cheap one
Chinese "Fly Bo" 40mph with 70-150mi. range at $10k

I got some of my info here:

I'm also still eagerly awaiting the Automotive X-Prize :)

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