Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thoughts and figures

OK if I read my electric bill right it's about 0.103c /kWh
Going with 0.44 kWh / mile (have no idea) x 0.103 / kWh = 4.5cents/mile
I read you also should add +3.3c/mile battery replacement so = 7.8c/mile

My current car is rated at 18mpg City / 26mpg Hwy (wow, didn't know it was that bad!) so let's go with 22mpg...
0.0454 gal/mi. x $1.95/gal (current price) = 8.8cents/mi.
at $3/gal = 13.6cents/mi.

If you add oil say $30/oil change x 4 times a year x 12,000mi. = 1cent/mile
so that + filters/etc.

Hmmm... do these figures sound right? I might be off a bit on my kWh price depending on how you're supposed to read the bill (they bill me for water/electric/trash all on the same bill).

I also called around some shops to see what the cost for pulling the engine would be like. I don't want to give up or take the easy way out but I also want to make progress on this.
Well, I found someone who owns their own shop and quoted me $45/hr for labor and said he thought he could remove the engine in about 4 hours easily, but since the transmission wouldn't have any support, I'd have to have it towed back to my house.
Interesting... Also can't have the engine just sitting there so I'll have to convince one of my friends to let me borrow their truck and drop it off at a salvage place or something.

Anyone want to buy a Ford Probe engine? :)

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